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Mangalsutra Jewellery

Mangalsutra Jewellery

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Mangalsutra Jewellery

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Mangalsutra means auspicious Holy thread. It is a necklace with a pendant. It is a cultural practice across India, in hindu marriages groom tie this necklace, gold mangalsutra, around the bride's neck and consider themselves married. These days mangalsutra is designed to cater to two categories of women, one who wear it on a daily basis and the other who wear it occasionally. On that basis BigBindi also caters in traditional mangalsutras and contemporary mangalsutras.

The everlasting style

BigBindi has mangalsutra with a pendant with long necklace or short necklace, single and double beaded mangalsutra, double drop mangalsutra, necklace mangalsutra, knot and beaded mangalsutra, god symbolic mangalsutra, string mangalsutra,etc.

The labour of love

Motif, plasting, polish, meenakari, filigree, rasrawa, engraving, pachchikam and thewa are done on jewelries to make them look delicate, sophisticated and intricate.

The sparkling material

Coloured stone, glass, kundan, gold, platinum, polka, yellow metal, diamond, solitaire, brass gold plated alloys, beads are used to make them eclectic.

The eagerly awaited occasions

For daily wear, office wear simple and elegant mangalsutras are used. For anniversary, birthday, festival, fashionable mangalsutras are used. For wedding party, gifting, valentine, we suggest you to wear heavy ornamental mangalsutras.

Buy Mangalsutra Online at BigBindi

BigBindi offers a wide variety of mangalsutra collection online. Be it smart home maker or beautiful working woman, they all will love the versatility of our mangalsutra designs. BigBindi offer high quality and absolutely pure mangalsutra at affordable prices that caters to your interest and latest trend. We have worldwide shipping available.