Custom Duty

Q1: What is it, and why am I being asked to pay it?

Basically, once an item has crossed the border of another country, a few specific charges are applied onto that item. These charges are applied accordingly with the rules and regulations of the specific country.

These charges may include Custom Duty, Local Sales Tax, VAT and Clearance Charges, all of which are not under our or any of the sellers’ control, which is why when a product is being shipped to you, these additional taxes will be added to the total amount.

Q2: Why am I being asked to pay more than the Shipping Charges?

Shipping Charges basically cover the cost of transporting your goods from the destination of the manufacture, to your place, and this cost is paid to the courier service which makes it happen. However, Custom Duty taxes are completely different, and are applied to the goods in accordance with the rules and regulations of the importing country. In no way do the shipping charges compensate for these, which is why these are supposed to be paid separately.

Q3: Why am I charged Custom Duty now, when I wasn’t charged on my previous order?

It is important to realise that these Custom Duty charges are controlled by the rules and regulations of the importing country, and their rules and regulations can vary over time. These charges might also vary on the products accordingly with the product size, value, quantity, use, method of manufacturing and many other aspects. You will get a better insight on this if you talk to the authority responsible for these rules and regulations to be clear on the matter.

Q4: Why did I not find any instructions relating to the Custom Duty charges while placing the order?

The possible taxes of Custom Duty are clearly mentioned under our Shipping Policies. However, it is very hard to predict these charges, since neither are they applied on all the shipments, nor are they to be decided by us, but the importing country. This is why, we cannot properly predict these charges before you place your order.

Q5: What should be done if I find the product package open, and the seal broken once it reaches me?

That can happen due to all the custom rules of the country, due to which they might check the package or investigate for security reasons. You should make sure that all of the products are intact, and nothing is absent from the package.

In case of any damage to the products, you are encouraged to get in touch with our Customer Care team, and we’ll be more than glad to help you.

Q6: Will I get any invoice for customs clearance purposes?

Yes, we send a copy of the invoice along with the parcel to you. In the case that you want an additional copy, we can always email it to you if need be.

Q7: If the order is a gift for someone else, will the invoice still be attached?

The invoice is always sent attached onto the order to go through all the rules and regulations which are present under the cross border shipment policies, however, we can still see to what we can do through formalities. If this is your case, then you can always contact our customer support, and we’ll see what we can do.

Q8: Will opting for combined shipment help me get rid of the custom duty?

You can always opt for the combined shipment, but it will not necessarily completely eliminate the custom duty. However, it will surely reduce the impact of the custom duty taxes. If you want to opt for combined shipment, just comment it in the “Instruction Box” while placing the order.

In case you’ve already placed an order and now want to opt for combined shipment, you can contact our customer support and we’ll be glad to help!