Return and Cancellation Policy

Our return policies are hassle free and are all in the favor of providing the most convenient ways to return an item that the customer might not be satisfied with.


It is important to take into notice that minor variations might be seen when you receive the product and compare it to the picture. Even though we try out best to depict the products exactly as they are in the pictures, sometimes the resolutions might vary amongst different screens, and this is why the color might look a bit different when compared to the actual color of the product in the picture. This is why; a certain degree of variation in the color should be tolerated by the clients.

It should also be taken into consideration that the fabrics with embellishments and embroidery are prone to minor damage, no matter what. This minor damage only includes that some part of the embroidery might come off. Even if we handle these products and ship them with the greatest care, the problem can still not be avoided altogether. This is why, we request our clients to be mentally prepared before ordering such an item.

In any other condition, the items can be returned without any major problems.

Conditions for Return:

  1. Damaged or Defective Goods

In the case that a client received a product that was damaged or defective, the following procedure has to be followed accordingly in order to request for and process a return:

  • Within 48 hours after the goods have been received, the complaint has to be made. It is always good if the least amount of time is wasted before filing a complaint.
  • This complaint is to be sent through the email that has been provided, mentioning the subject as “Complaint” with the order number and product code attached.
  • Along with the email, the clients are expected to send a picture of the damaged good, and the focus should be kept on the damage particularly.
  • We will them be reviewing the complaint, and according to what the situation demands, we will settle on one of the three options below:
    • Replace the defective good immediately with a new product which is not defective.
    • Offer the client a credit note.
    • Refund the complete or partial amount of the money spent on the product.
    • The action may end up taking one business day. We can choose to carry out none of the actions above if it suits the situation.

 2. Color Variation

As explained earlier, it is normal for the color to vary between the picture and the actual product up to 10%. Variation in color up to this amount is normal, but if the color is varying too much and you don’t really like how the shade of the color looks, you can follow the following procedure:

  • In the 48 hours after you receive the goods, you should file a complaint. The procedure goes the same way, where you give the email a subject of “Complaint” and then put in the product code alone with the order number.
  • In this email, you must attach a picture of the product that you have received.
  • The product will be reviewed by our team, and then in the same way, one of the following three actions will be carried out according to what the situation demands.
    • Replace the defective good immediately with a new product which is not defective.
    • Offer the client a credit note.
    • Refund the complete or partial amount of the money spent on the product.
    • If it is felt that the variation is very small by the team, we might choose to decline the request for return.
    • We might also ask you to send the product back to us, where we will review it ourselves, and if it is found to be varying by a large percentage, then we will accept the request for return.

 3. Product not being liked

If for any reason the client ends up disliking the product which they have received, there are two different conditions under which the return request might or might not be accepted. In either case, the complaint is first to be files through the email within 48 hours of having received the product.

  • If the product you had ordered was customized, for example a customized Salwar kameez or Blouse, then you are not eligible to ask for a return. In that case, the request for return will not be accepted.
  • If the product was not customized, then the request for return will be accepted. In the case of acceptance, the item is to be shipped back to us but the cost of the shipping is to be borne by the client themselves. After we have successfully received the goods back, we will offer you either a credit note or a complete refund for the amount spent on the products.

 4. The fitting of the product not perfect

In this case, there can be two conditions. For both the conditions, it is important the complaint be made within 48 hours of receiving the product.

  • The first condition is that you provided us with the wrong measurement. In this case, the product can be sent to us and we will try to refit the size until it’s perfect for you. In this case, the shipping will be covered by the client themselves, and the reshipping charges will be applied as well.
  • The second condition is that the product was not stitches as per the measurements that you provided. In this case, the item can be shipped to us after getting email approval. We will try to refit the product, and if not possible, send a new one free of cost. The shipping cost will also be refunded either to your credit card or given to you as a credit note for future shopping with us.

All the refunds will be governed by the return and exchange policy. The value of the refund can never be more than the actual value of the product for which the refund is taking place.